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A vision, an ambition, a prospectus to bring PEACE to the world. This creation was made one sole managing director of PEACE, who started his life journey like any ordinary student, finishing his studies. Looking at the world of style in a different manner.

Plan for the future: to compete with leading successful brands achieve the highest peak of PEACE, create the ultimate summer collection to beat summer season at its best. Different elegance colour to suite every individual’s unique style for occasions such as, summer parties, beach parties, festivals etc. 


The new launch of PEACE as a brand with several capsule collections throughout the year. We are starting to develop in the market and learn what it is going to take to make PEACE the next big thing.

All it took was some inspiration and method for the brand PEACE to be born.

The team of PEACE came together and brought forward ideas to set PEACE a vision for the new journey. This that were put together after days and long nights of solid work and dedication.

Fast forward into the future PEACE is now hit peak at sales and demand has increase significantly. PEACE is on everyone mind tongue and style. PEACE is now stocked over 50 stores worldwide and continue to grow each day. PEACE was initially made to give style a new name however now it is seen as much more, we have many more plans for the feature and believe PEACE will continue to grow.

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