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After 23 years of inspirations from former designer brands; and passionate about the business world, the director of PEACE decided to become the ideal entrepreneur. A new career in the business world was indication to the perfect direction towards a brighter future for PEACE.  

The title of the brand had originally come from the religion beliefs of Islam, PEACE is what brings people united and therefore should be freely worn by all different kinds of people. A positive direction came out though this outstanding idea, customers of PEACE can wear a former designer brand at a affordable price.

Eager to fill the gap in the market, which is smart and affordable clothing line to cater all individuals. Targeting young guys with same interests in designer wear regardless of personal income.   

PEACE got an excellent response by our customers, individuals were waiting for an opportunity like this in the market. The Sole owner of the brand continued to design different products for the customers of PEACE. The aim of the business is to reflect on the creative side of a clothing line.

A variety of styles and colours for every individual to explore and make their own trend. The director of PEACE faced challenges as a sole owner of PEACE every day in comparison to most brands of fashion and business. But with all the regular customers, passionate to be on the top of the market and commitment to PEACE he made it work and will continue to make it work.

Initially social websites is a big part of the promotion idea, through Instagram and Facebook. However the business need a website to get the message across to all the customers. PEACE is now becoming highly popular and loved by the customers.

All our thanks go out to our wonderful customers that have come and shown an interest in the family of PEACE. Together we can make a difference to the world of fashion, at the same time bring out the message of unity. Thank you to all the supporters, this brand is made for all of you and it is a great pleasure for PEACE to come this far and we look forward to what the future brings.     

 Why we love what we do

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